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#SecondhandSeptember: Nell's Clothing Swap Haul

My 22nd birthday was great and one of the major contributors was the fact that I got to attend my first clothing swap in Derry. I have been sorting through my clothes in August and found that I had a lot of items which were in great condition, but I did not wear them because they didn't physically fit me anymore or didn't go with my other clothes. The timing was perfect - as I will be heading back to university later this week, it was an ideal opportunity to refresh my wardrobe without spending a fortune and free up some closet space. And it was good for the planet! Yay!

The event was quite popular considering the fact that Derry is not very big and secondhand shopping hasn't quite hit the mainstream as it already has in bigger cities like London. The amount of interest was great and a larger venue will definitely be required for upcoming events!

However, the fact that it was a small event meant that the atmosphere was great and everyone who attended was super enthusiastic. I talked to a number of people during the swap and all expressed excitement at the concept, as well as surprise at the high quality and variety of items that were available. It was also great to see that a lot of different styles, genders (cheers to a skinny guy to whom I owe my new-old Hendrix t-shirt!) AND sizes (6 to 22!) were represented, which can sometimes be an issue. Also, props to homemade @_bonnie.appetit for vegan food!

I had an absolute blast and came away with a bag full of new clothes, including some cool new tees, which I desperately needed, as well as more dramatic statement pieces. If you've never been to a swap before, I hope that my positive experience will encourage you to find a similar event in your city - they're popping up everywhere!

Here are my 5 favourite items from the swap, style with other thrifted items!*

Blue Bomber Jacket

This was one of the first items I spotted at the swap. Just look at the pretty peacock embroidery on the front! Paired with jeans and dad trainers, it makes a perfect back-to-school outfit.

Both top and skirt thrifted

Sequin Skirt

If it's sparkly, I'll probably want it. I did have to say goodbye to two cute skirts recently (including a faux leather baby blue mini *chokes back tears*), so finding a new one definitely helped me during this difficult time. It's really comfortable and fits me perfectly, which was a welcome surprise seeing as I didn't try it on until after I got home.

I think it will go really well with casual t-shirts and DM's for an everyday outfit, as well as sparkly tops and heels for a night out!

Faux Fur Gilet

Shepherdess chic at its fines and I am here for it. Heavenly warm faux fur and a soft inner lining, this Topshop gilet is another great find, which is bound to help me survive many long library sessions this autumn. I've been looking for something similar for some time now, but they can be really expensive, so I was over the moon to score this at the swap.

Style + comfort = winwin

I'm not even posing; the sun was in my eyes. Both t-shirt and gilet thrifted.

Rainbow Sweater Dress

Here's a little tip: can't decide which colour to wear? Wear them ALL.

Sweater dress weather is fast approaching and this rainbow mini will be great (and very 60s) with tights and boots. Amazingly, it still had tags on it, which just shows that swaps are a great place to get rid of clothes that would otherwise be sitting in your closet and gathering dust. Now it has a new, loving home! Yay!

Pink Unicorn Jacket

Last, but not least, may I present the most beautiful faux fur jacket. The moment I saw it, I immediately grabbed it and held onto it like my life depended on it. It's pink. It's soft. It's fluffy. And it has a unicorn on the back! I really wanted a faux fur jacket like this for autumn, which is why snatching up this beauty at the swap right before returning to uni seemed like it was meant to be!

Follow @nellsclothingswap for upcoming events in Derry and keep an eye on my Instagram page for more thrifted outfits!



*Apart from shoes and glasses. Yes, those cowboy clip-ons are a charity shop find!

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