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Slow fashion is finally having its moment and I honestly hope it's here to stay. Meet Lolita on a budget - she's fabulous AND sustainable in an upcycled co-ord, which she made herself using secondhand clothes!

Nothing makes me happier than a good charity shop haul. It's a more sustainable and budget-friendly way of finding some really cool items. But with a little creativity you can easily transform your clothes to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces!

To create the co-ord, I used an oversized sweater and turned it into a two-piece by adding an elastic waistband to create a mini skirt from the bottom part and zig-zagging over the edge of the top to prevent further fraying.

The sheer top came from the Foyle Hospice charity shop in Derry. It was originally gold, but I hand-dyed it a soft pink using Flamingo Pink DYLON dye. The small hand dye packets are perfect if you want to make a big batch and dye lots of clothes at once, but you can also adjust the measurements if you don't need a 5 litre bucket all at once. I used the same dye on my secondhand denim to later create the hearts I sewed onto the skirt and crop top.

Sheer top: Foyle Hospice charity shop. Pink bralette: H&M

The pink and lime green combo was a surprisingly good one and rediscovering a pair of neon green fishnet knee-highs seemed like a sign. These photos were a lot of fun and yes, I did ran around the house collecting all my super colourful and girly accessories, magazines and knickknacks.

Both the co-ord and sheer top are available to buy. They would be so great for a festival or simply a sassy new outfit. Contact me for more information!

These items were completed thanks to the kind support of the Derry Fashion & Textile Design Centre, as part of the Youth19 Rewire Festival. Hair, makeup and photography by Anna Syperek.



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