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Blue Monday: Knitted Crop Top 3 Ways

Fall is coming and that means wearing knits! Join a knitted cropped vest I upcycled on a journey, as we make sweater vests cool again. Or just cool.

Hair, make-up and photos by Anna Syperek

If you saw my previous post, you know I love a cute upcycled knit and I love how easy it is to make something totally unique on a budget. I have recently bought an old oversized sweater in a charity shop and made a cropped vest and two adorable bags. This post features all three, as well as more secondhand and charity shop items!

1. Chandler Bing called and he wants his blue sweater vest black

She's nerdy, she's cute, she can ride her bike to class and reads books in the park.

Remember Chandler Bing's sweater vests? They were definitely a look, but it's not really the cool fashion statement everyone remembers from Friends. However, they were classic Chandler, to the point that in Friends Monopoly you can actually play as... a tiny sweater vest. And speaking of tiny sweater vests, here's an outfit featuring one.

Always make sure your books match your outfit!

Silk shirt: Topshop. Vest made by me. Jeans: secondhand. Bag: Barnardo's Retail. Glasses: Vision Express. Pearl bracelet: borrowed. Blue bracelet @syperekjewellery

2. Club Kid on a Budget

Put your contacts in and stick some gems on your face, girl, because we're going out! Yes, this sweater vest is club appropriate, just add some leather, fishnets and boots.

Also, how cute is this little bag I made from the sleeves of the original jumper, an old belt and with a heart pocket made from old denim. I finally got to use a piece of blue silk I had, so the lining of the bag is so soft.

3. Club to Class

Stayed out too late? Throw on an oversized blazer (if you're not 'borrowing' from guys' closets, are you even living right?) and you're good to go. This look also featured the second bag I made, which had a wide silver strap, made from another belt.

Bag and blue top made by me. Blazer: Topman.

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