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10 Songs I Had on Repeat in June

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Here is a selection of some of my favourite songs from last month. Unintentionally (but it's a happy accident) consisting of almost 100% awesome female artists! You can find a link to my full June playlist at the bottom.

Sorry kids, avert your eyes (and more importantly ears), explicit content coming your way.

1. Hot Mess by GIRLI

To be honest, any song by GIRLI would work here, because I have been obsessively listening (and dancing awkwardly) to her music for the past few months. Hot Mess is the anthem for all the female creatives out there who are tired of hearing patronising comments. It's also just a great bop.

I also highly recommend following her on Instagram - her outfits are always on point and she can basically do no wrong.


Anyone who has listened to my university radio show knows I'm a sucker for dark synth-pop and the all-caps are fully justified when it comes to ABRA aka the Darkwave Duchess.

To up her already sky-high hip score, ABRA's looks are oozing the sort of old-school, effortlessly cool vibes we all crave. Unsurprisingly, in 2016 she was hailed "the fashion world's new favourite R&B singer" by American Vogue. So it's officially in the fashion Bible.

"We don't gotta be in love, I just need somebody right now" - ABRA might just be writing your next Tinder anthem.

ABRA just wants attention and I'm sure as hell going to oblige, because her sound is on another level.

3. Gold Horizons by Polo

Yorkshire trio Polo is definitely channeling tropical heatwave Britain, but instead of making you feel like you're going to melt, their music is like a warm hug for your soul. Gold Horizons is a cool mix of mellow R'n'B and sparkly pop that's guaranteed to make you feel better.

4. Between My Teeth by Orla Gartland

Dublin born and London based, Orla creates what she accurately describes as "existential pop", a perfectly balanced blend of catchy pop melodies and expressive lyrics. I am absolutely in love with her voice and you should be too.

5. Agence matrimoniale by Oré

Hi, my name is Florentyna and I'm addicted to French electro-pop. But I'm definitely not looking to give it up. However, I am all about finding new ways to enjoy it and Oré's combo of pop and hip-hop puts a great twist on an old favourite.

6. Nuts by Brooke Candy & Lil Aaron

Brooke Candy is this incredible explosion of energy that I didn't know I needed in my life. She lets her freak flag fly high and she's not apologising to anyone.

"Where would culture be without the untamed freaks and their insane brains?" Brooke Candy speaking the truth in an interview with PAPER.

Follow her on Instagram for a steady stream of super fierce looks.

7. Dolla Store by Yyvie Oddly

Yyvie is one of my all time favourite queens to grace RuPaul's catwalk and frankly I'm still not over her back-bending performances. This song pays homage to one of the best sources of inspiration and, lets be honest, THE best source of randomly wonderful crap.

8. Pink Party by Heidi Petite

This track is part of Heidi's new rainbow-themed EP and I'm so here for it. Pink Party is exactly the kind of cool tune I want playing as I drive in a convertible along the coast in California (a girl can dream).

Her Instagram is also fire, go follow her NOW.

9. Convulsions by Denise

Denise is a mystery - she has a handful of songs on Spotify and that's pretty much it. But it's all about quality over quantity. Convulsions has been on my playlist for a couple of months and I'm still in love with its dark, moody vibe.

10. Daytime nighttime by Tristesse Contemporaine

Now, would it truly be my playlist if it didn't include an amazing and depressing synth-pop song? Of course not. Tristesse Contemporaine delivers just that. This is one to listen to on your headphones in the middle of the night and ponder the meaning of life, the universe and everything*.

Bonus track (I won't tell if you won't):

Hurdy Gurdy Man by Donovan

So, this song is quite old, but I have rediscovered it while watching Brooklyn 99, where it appears in one of my favourite episodes - yep, you guessed it, the one where Jake and Kevin dress up as "weird perverts" to go incognito at a public library.

Congratulations on making it to the end - here's the full Spotify playlist with even more awesome tracks!

* If you got the reference - I love you.



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