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10 Songs I Had on Repeat in July 

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

July is long gone, so it's time for another list of 10 great tunes I couldn't get enough of last month. Seeing as I spent it in Northern Ireland it was a mix of actual summer weather (global warming, hello) and super rainy days, hence the combination of warm summer indie with some depressing synth thrown in for good measure.

1. Bez Słów by The Dumplings

Always number one in my book, it's Polish duo The Dumplings with a new song. Electropop at its finest, they make catchy tunes with great beats and beautiful vocals. The video for this song was made in collaboration with Durex and aims to promote and celebrate being sex positive. So enjoy the tunes and stay safe, kids.

PS: If you want to see The Dumplings live, they'll be playing a show in London on the 20th of October alongside some other great alternative musicians from Poland. Be there or be square.

2. In Undertow by Alvvays

A Canadian friend of mine sent me this song and I couldn't be more grateful, because it has exactly the kind of dreamy quality that makes a perfect indie summer tune.

3. Convolute by Leisure Theory

A strangely enjoyable mix of guitar and electronica, it's time you gave the genre spanning Leisure Theory a listen. The epitome of young and hip, this is the music I want to hear on the radio. Look out for a new single at the end of this month!

4. It's Called: Freefall by Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Come for the band name, stay for their music. RKS are such a cool band and I have been so obsessed with this song. Again, how great is the name Rainbow Kitten Surprise?

6. If Only by Raveena

Indian-American Raveena is an artist with a silky-smooth voice, creating soothing RnB. With honest lyrics and a catchy melody, "If Only" is a song about being over a toxic relationship. Just look at that happy little smile when she sings.

7. A Co Jeśli by Kobieta z Wydm

I will be honest, I love a good depressing song. Kobieta z Wydm is moody and dark, and I wholeheartedly approve of the whole album, full of hypnotic melodies and disturbing chanting. If you were blessed with the superpower of being a Polish speaker, the band's musical offering promises to thoroughly disturb the listener with the lyrics, although one should never underestimate the power of listening to a haunting, screamed chant in a foreign language. A pleasantly unpleasant experience to be had in the dark.

8. Breaking my Phone by Oscar Scheller ft GIRLI

An anthem for our times, Oscar Scheller and my queen GIRLI tell it like it is in this song, calling out those guilty of leaving us hanging on "Seen".

"Dont you just hate it when people won't text you back?Yeah, I think it's really boring" - Oscar, GIRLI and pretty much everyone else in the world

9. Ecco by Public Memory

This song by New York-based Robert Toher is electronic darkwave perfection. With complex layering of haunting vocals, droning beat and beautiful wind chime samples, Public Memory manages to create the sort of atmosphere Poe would definitely be a fan of if he were a 21st century hipster.

9. I Took Your Picture by Cults

Another American indie band, another dream-pop tune to blast on a roadtrip and feel like you're in an indie coming-of-age film.

10. En nuit by Videoclub

I remember when I first started following this French electropop duo and I kept thinking "how the hell do they have only a couple hundred followers?" Well, no more, because En nuit is only their third song and despite being released mid-June, it has already been viewed by over a million people on YouTube! Not only is the song an absolute bop, but can we also take a moment to appreciate this flawless masterpiece of a music video?

Word of warning: thought you were over being in a relationship? Yeah, Videoclub are here to totally destroy that.

Yay! You made it to the end! Listen to the playlist on Spotify:

Check back next month for more great music!



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