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10 Songs I Had on Repeat in August

Female dominated and awesome as always. I love singing along to all my new bops and in August my neighbours could hear me extensively covering these ten songs. With a bit of a delay due to, well, life, this is August's top ten. Enjoy, baes.

1. Cute B*tch by Rizha

I apologise to anyone who heard me singing this in the shower. So. Many. Times. Originally from Argentina, Rizha is currently ruling over Spain at just 20 years old. And she's doing it all on her own - writing and producing her music and videos by herself.

2. Pretty Sure by YNES

YNES is another super cool chick I've been crushing on and she is crushing it with her debut single Pretty Sure. Representing British indie music at its best, YNES's song is the perfect alternative to your usual break-up song, an extremely cool and catchy middle finger to all f*ck boys. Perfect to listen to no matter if you are super happy or pissed off.

The aesthetic of the music video is also awesome - I am so here for this canary yellow and electric purple combo. Plus, she's a Coventry-based gal, which as a past Warwick University student gives her a few extra points in my book.

3. New Friends by Maty Noyes

Who doesn't love a song that throws shade? Look no further than American singer-songwriter Maty Noyes, who really needs to make some new friends. Not just because she murders them in her video. According to her it's "a song about a lot of close friends letting me down, when I wrote this song I was in the thick of it. It’s throwing major shade but it serves friendship realness."

"Damn, I'm really over it"

Unsurprisingly, the comment section acknowledged the fact that despite all the, ahem, murder, she is not completely insane, since she puts the cereal in before the milk. Thoughts? Let me know, because #priorities

4. In Camera by Yumi Zouma

While I loved the dark humour of Maty Noyes' music video, Yumi Zouma's clip stole my heart and captured my imagination with its sweet innocence. With an air of youthful nostalgia, it perfectly matches the dreamy effervescent synthpop of the Kiwi band, who began writing their music when each of the original three members was living in a different country. Truly, a success story for the digital age!

5. Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree by l i l a

I'm not crying, you are! Originally by James Vincent McMorrow, I love this soulful cover recorded by Canadian singer l i l a. With an ever more stripped back sound and heartbreakingly beautiful vocals, l i l a's version lacks the hopefulness of McMorrow, instead fully embracing the bittersweet and fragile soundscape of the song.

6. Rivieres by Requin Chagrin

Yay, more dreamy French music, this time courtesy of Requin Chagrin. Hailing from her second album on which she collaborated with one of my favourite music producers Adrien Pallot, Rivieres evokes the warmth and hopelessness of a tear-soaked summer night all at once. Listen to Sémaphore for more nostalgic lo-fi synthpop goodness.

7. Sugar by Wynona Bleach

Northern Ireland delivers yet again with some homegrown talent, this time in the form of the band Wynona Bleach. I discovered the Belfast-based indie band purely by accident, but it was definitely a very happy accident. Full of melodic guitar riffs, a humorous music video and bursting with energy thanks to Melyssa Shannon's vocals, this catchy tune deserves more love!

8. Juguete Viejo by Anna Linares

With over a million views on YouTube, this is an absolute bop and was a perfect accompaniment to the last summer month. Also, I am so down with the pink aesthetic of the clip.

9. i wanna be your girlfriend by girl in red

Words cannot explain the love I have for this song. Have a crazy crush? Here, this is your new anthem. Honestly, this is one of my favourite songs ever, because girl in red is for life, not just for August.

Here's a little bonus; Amazingly, at the end of the month my gal GIRLI recorded and produced a micro-cover of this song, only adding to the obsession.

10. Looking For America by Lana Del Rey

I leave you with the August offering from her royal highness herself, Lana del Rey. Obviously, Lana had a new album (more about this later) come out at the end of August, but this was one of the singles and I think it's everything.

"I used to go to drive-ins and listen to the blues... So many things that I think twice about before I do now"

The lyrics of Looking For America resonate with me on so many levels, reflecting upon the reality we live in now, not just in the US but all over the world, where there is an increase of fear and anxiety. Studying in London, I often see posters around campus concerning emergency plans and security concerns in places I used to think were completely safe, so I really connect with this song and the longing for a place and reality which no longer exists.

Congrats, you made it to the end! Have a Spotify playlist on the house and follow me on social media for updates.



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